Our Story

Our Story

Our Story

Our story is uniquely different than many other companies that sell CBD products.

Our story begins in the family of our COO, Shawn Griner. Shawn and Heather have three young, vibrant sons ages 7 (Jack), 11  (Max) and 13 (Barron). Like Shawn, both Max and Barron have been diagnosed to struggle with ADD/ADHD. Shawn and Heather began to notice, in Kindergarten,  that both boys had challenges with their attention, focus, and behavioral challenges. The only option  available to these young parents was that of seeking medical help. This led to the diagnosis of ADD/ADHD for both Max and  Barron. Immediately they were prescribed a synthetic Ritalin. Many other families share our story.

While medication is necessary for some, there are a vast amount of natural, holistic options available that are never mentioned in  a doctor’s office. Max and Barron took Ritalin as directed, and Shawn and Heather struggled as they gave it to them on a  daily basis. Side effects immediately manifested. Max became extremely irritable, angry and frustrated as a result and Barron  began to have “tics”, his eyes blinked rapidly, and his head twitched uncontrollably. It became a daily struggle and  heartbreak for this family. While the medication helped them focus in school, the side effects became unbearable. How many  other parents go through this without any hope of something better?

Hope appears.

Shawn began to look for alternatives and a way to break the horrible cycle of side effects and in the process discovered CBD.  They didn’t truly believe the benefits could be as powerful as other people stated, they also had concerns about giving their  children CBD while taking them off of the prescribed medication. However, the possible rewards completely outweighed the  risks. Therefore, on the first day of summer vacation in 2017, Shawn and his wife stopped all prescribed medication, and started giving Max and Barron CBD Tinctures and Gummies to see if it would help.

While this seems like a simple choice, for many parents it is not.

Much to the amazement of Shawn and Heather, both Max and Barron began to show remarkable improvement. After only 2-3 days, Shawn and his wife began to notice Max’s frustration and uncontrollable  anger was gone.  Barron’s tics were diminishing, and almost gone. Therefore, both boys continued to take the CBD Tincture, without the aid of prescription medication for the remainder of the summer. School began in late August, this would truly be the ultimate test. Would it also work in school? The answer changed all of their lives; Max completed 5th grade on the Honor Roll without any angry outbursts. Barron advanced to 6th grade, being his toughest academic year thus far and he absolutely flourished as well as made the honor roll for the first time ever. Now the boys now ask for CBD and remind their dad to give them a gummy  in their lunch on days they have tests!

That's our Story, it can be your Story as well!

It was in 2017, Shawn, the COO of Canovis Health began to do tireless research on the family of Cannabinoids and Terpenes naturally found in the Hemp Plant. In early 2018, Shawn reached out to a lifelong friend Kathy Roberton, only to find she was also researching Cannabinoids as well. It was then that Canovis Health was created and entered into the formulation and manufacturing of CBD products. Given the important role CBD played in Shawn’s children, we refused to compromise on the integrity of the formulation of our products. We call this The Canovis Difference.

This is just the beginning, yet Canovis has already changed the lives of many parents and their children in the fight against prescription medications for ADD/ADHD and adults who fight against Opioid addictions. 

We invite you to join the Canovis Difference TODAY!