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Grant Writing Application Process:

CH will hire a sophisticated experienced Grant Writer in the medical grant field. CH is confident that CBD products (federally legal May 22, 2018) will qualify for several grants to study the scientific efficacy that is currently lacking today. There are several areas that can be studied ranging from Pain to Seizures, MS to Anxiety. Currently only biased studies have been conducted by individuals seeking to sell a product. The war on opioids opens wide the doors for non-addictive solutions to the crisis.

CH will use Grant Funding to verify and scientifically prove what the current data has shown. CBD has been used by millions of people around the world. Now, for the first time in the United States, we are free to apply for Federal Grants. To date, only limited studies have been conducted that have proven and documented the scientific efficacy of CBD Gum (Musca), CBD Oil, internal or external which require both topical and digestive studies. CH stands as one of the first company to apply for federal grants as our competition is not paying attention to President Donald Trump, the War on Opioids or the fact that 13B is available for studies.

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