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CHC is often asked what it will cost to open a store. An outline of these general costs will be provided to you in your Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) Item 7 should you be awarded a franchise. These numbers are based on averages and include an estimate of the lease on your space. By law, CHC cannot tell you how much money it will actually cost to operate your business or how much profit from gross sales you can expect to earn.

The following are our estimates in Summary:



Franchise Fee 



Initial Training (per day, per extra employee)

$ -0-


Travel Expenses To Training Per Person        



At Location Training



Rent or Real Estate



Leasehold/Contractor Improvements



Furniture & Fixtures Equipment









Miscellaneous Opening Costs



Initial Office Supplies



Initial Inventory of Products



Advertising for Grand Opening +90



Advertising/Marketing (3 months)        






POS and Software



Licensing and Permits



3 Months Working Capital



Estimated Maximum



We believe franchises can open for around $75,000 - $110,000 if you work at it. You will be able to control some of these costs by your choices.  For example:

·         If you negotiate your lease with the landlord to cover build out costs & time consideration (saving up to $15,000)

·         Depending on your location, your Signage may cost much less. (savings as much as $5,000)

·         You can work in the business yourself and save some of the working capital. (savings as much as $10,000)

·         These are your choices to make within our System.

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